Elect Peter Richter

Elect Peter Richter for Florida State Representative District 106 (Naples / Marco)

Peter Richter in the News

10/27/12 The Ledge Radio Show on 96K-Rock
10/17/12 Fox4 News TV Interview
10/16/12 Examiner.com Article Richter a serious contender for Florida District 106
10/12/12 ABC7 News: Johnson / Richter Sign Wave
10/8/12 Radio Interview: Market-Ticker.org - Discuss Fraud-closure, Free Markets & Free trade
10/6/12 Joe Whitehead Show: Jared Grifoni interviews Peter Richter, Discusses Amendment 8
10/1/12 Press Release: Richter "in it to win it" - Loans $50,000 to his campaign
9/27/12 Press Release: Collier County stonewalling request for list of Red Light Camera Victims
9/19/12 CBS News at 6 : State Candidate Sign defaced with swastika
9/19/12 NBC News at 6 : State Candidate Sign defased with swastika
9/19/12 Dave Elliott Radio Show Interview about sign defacement
9/19/12 The Market Ticker
9/12/12 Examiner.com - LP Meet-N-Greet hosted by Broward Affiliate
8/30/12 Naples Daily News Interview (Video)
8/28/12 FGCU Speech @ Alico Arena
7/29/12 Naples News: Where should guns be prohibited in Florida?
7/28/12 Radio Interview: Joe Whitehead Show
7/2/12 Press Release - Peter Richter signs Americans for Prosperity's Five for Florida Pledge
6/28/12 Peter Richter has an historic 2nd place finish in the Politics in the Park Straw Poll
6/22/12 News-Press Editorial Board Video Interview with Peter Richter
6/16/12 Radio Interview: Peter speaks out against Smart Meters - Keith Hanson Show 98.9FM
6/15/12 Press Release:  Peter Richter qualifies for November 6th Ballot!
6/5/12 TV Interview: Fox4 - FP&L Rate Increase / Smart Meters
6/1/12 Press Release - Peter Slams Smart Meters at PSC Hearing
5/31/12 Audio: Public Service Commission Hearing: FP&L Rate Increase and Smart Meters
5/30/12 Radio Interview: Dave Elliot Show WGUF 98.9 FM
5/30/12 Press Release - Peter Richter stands for privacy and denounces Smart Meters
5/19/12 Radio Interview: The Joe Whitehead Show WGUF 98.9FM
5/10/12 Press Release - Peter defends the rights of small businesses in Collier County
4/30/12 Press Release - Peter spreads the message of Liberty to SWFL 9.12 Project
4/25/12 Press Release - Peter @ Leap for Liberty, challenges opponents to oppose NDAA
4/20/12 Press Release - Peter Richter denounces NDAA!
4/13/12 Radio Interview: The Bob Harden Show
3/21/12 Naples News - FUFA Protest
3/19/12 Press Release - Florida Unfair Foreclosure Act Protest
3/13/12   Advanced to Round 3 of GOOOH
3/12/12 Naples News - Anti-Incumbent Coalition in Naples News
3/5/12 Examiner.com - Comparing Richter to Passidomo
3/ 2/12 Radio Interview: Liberty Underground (on at 1:35:00)
2/10/12 Video Endorsement by Governor Gary Johnson
2/26/12 Signed the 10th Amendment Center Pledge
2/16/12 Naples News - Protestors picket Passidomo for FUFA
1/13/12 Naples News - Letter to the Editor
10/30/11 Naples Swamp Buggy Parade