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Elect Peter Richter for Florida State Representative District 106 (Naples / Marco)

Anti-Abortion Defined

Passidomo Planned ParenthoodI prefer the term “anti-abortion” when describing my own view on the issue. I am quite torn between keeping government out of our lives, and the denial of rights to humans, born or unborn. As there is no authority under the U.S. Constitution (even murder is only a federal crime if it happens on federal land) the states need to decide - at what point does abortion change from a medical procedure to killing the innocent. I can't say I have the perfect answer for when that is, but I would be comfortable with any of several cut-offs… detectable heart beat (~6-9 weeks), 12 weeks, determination of the sex (~18 weeks) – all of these are much earlier than any current laws that I know of. I'm strictly opposed to any funding of abortion with tax payer money (as you would expect from any Libertarian). I would not support any bans on “day after pills”, birth control or contraception. Just imagine the big government agencies that would be required to enforce such a ban. “Day after” pills are essentially concentrated birth control pills, so things could go into all sorts of unintended Anti-Abortion Cartoondirections. I don't think anyone wants investigations into every miscarriage (at a time when mothers are grieving) to become commonplace. I'm also against “mental” health exemptions – as they are typically used to justify abortion at any stage. Rep. Passidomo, voted against a ban on Late Term abortions where the baby was born/removed after viability (House Bill 277 March 1, 2012) as well as another very reasonable bill (HB 1127 April 27, 2011)that would have required abortion doctors to merely give the option of viewing an ultrasound before performing the abortion. Since an ultrasound is usually required to determine if a woman is pregnant in the first place, I don't see a problem with this. It's no wonder Planned Parenthood of Collier County gave such high praise to Rep. Passidomo.  Abortion is a terrible choice, so we should all be concerned with trying to reduce the number of abortions.

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