Elect Peter Richter

Elect Peter Richter for Florida State Representative District 106 (Naples / Marco)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is District 106?
A: Please see the following map...

Q: I'm very concerned with the direction this country is taking - what can I do?
A: Educate yourself!  Read, learn and think for yourself - you'll be ahead of most politicians!  Here's some great links to get you started.

Q: Why is Liberty the highest political goal?

A: Most people will agree, that Life is a natural right.  Some say it comes from God, others say it comes from our humanity itself.  For Life to have any meaning, we must have Liberty to do as we please.  From Life and Liberty, we derive all other rights.  Property ownership is of course necessary in order to provide for yourself and your family, so we say that it is necessary for Liberty and Life.  After that we have freedom of speech, religion, travel, congregation, etc.

Q: What are your top three issues?

The Economy - I will work for a return of a real Free Market.  Something we haven't had in a very long time.  The 1920 depression ended after only 8 months, and was followed by one of the largest economic expansions in world history. There's no reason we can't repeat that.  There's two things that made this happen - cutting spending and cutting taxes.

Liberty - Since 9/11, we have been losing our freedoms at an alarming rate.  I would fight for freedom at every turn.  Citizens should be able to video the police in public places.  The Right to privacy should not be infringed. 

Shrinking the government - We know that government is inefficient, corrupt and abusive in its exercise of its powers.  There may be nothing we can do to stop that, except to make it so small that the effects are minimized to an acceptable level.

Q: Why do you want to repeal the 17th Amendment?

The 17th Amendment was a scheme devised supposedly to fix the problem that resulted from the way US Senators were elected.  Thomas Jefferson envisioned that the House of Reps would represent the people most directly, but the Senate would represent the State government's interests.  In this way, it would provide yet another check on the power of the federal government.  State governments were supposed to fight the power of the Federal government, and be our greatest ally against the centralization of power.  The problem was, the governor of each state was to appoint, then the legislature was to confirm, but due to politics, states would go for long periods of time without representation because they couldn't agree.  So instead the 17th amendment completely eliminated states' representation by making Senators beholden to the people, and not to the states.  Most people at the time didn't understand what a great ally they were losing!  One solution would be to change the election process so that state legislators could simply vote for US Senators.  This simple change would return a great deal of power back to the states.

Q: What about Social Security?

A: Social Security is an inherently unsound program that operates no differently than a ponzi scheme.  This is a fact.  Now, that is not to say that the government doesn't owe something to the people that have been paying into the system for their entire lives!  Clearly the government forced people to pay into Social Security, and they were clearly promised to be repaid.  The problem is, politicians have been raiding the system to make their deficits seem smaller for years and years.  The problem is also that future payments depend on our children paying into it.  The money that we have already contributed to it, has been spent and must be repaid - by the tax payers.  There can be no doubt that the Federal Government has created a debt by past borrowing, which we must now repay.  We need to transition out of this system in a way that doesn't hurt anyone that has already structured their lives around it.  We need to stop pretending that it is a separate lock-box, because there is simply no way to make it so, and politicians will always raid it, if there is money in it.  We need to transition to the Fair Tax, which eliminates social security payroll taxes.  We need to give younger people the choice to opt-out.  We need to cut spending in other areas, so that we can honor our debts to seniors.