Elect Peter Richter

Elect Peter Richter for Florida State Representative District 106 (Naples / Marco)

Peter Richter Family
Vote Libertarian, Win a FREE Country!
Offer Expires November 6th, 2012!
Liberty vs. Tyranny
"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."
Help me put some fear back into the politicians in Tallahassee and elect a Libertarian to the State House of Representatives - and let there be Liberty!

Freedom is under assault from all sides. Democratic politicians demand more from your pocket, more from your labor and your sweat.  Republicans call out the Democrats on this, but from the other side of their mouth, they demand your obedience to their social moralities. 

Controversial Issues

Stand with me and say enough!  Grant me your support in my candidacy for Florida State Representative District #106 and together we will Restore Liberty.  I will be your unwavering defender of freedom!

The Philosophy of Liberty
The initiation of force is itself immoral, unless in self defense.  It is from this philosophy that libertarians evaluate issues.  We strive for maximum freedom and limited government, without any special interests, corporate welfare, taxation or property seizure. 
Liberty is Prosperity!

Peter Richter Family